Kira Simon-Kennedy

I help creative people do impactful and interesting things as the co-founder & director of China Residencies, a co-founder of Rivet, and an independent film producer.

I like writing guides, redistributing resources, and curating meme tactics.

These days I mostly 😷 in New York, and hope we can travel back to the 50+ places we work with in mainland China & Hong Kong soon. I have mixed feelings about twitter and instagram, but I'm always happy to mentor justice-oriented nice people with projects for the public good ~ the best way to get in touch if you want to work together is to email sk.kira {at} gmail.


Thanks for...

... inviting me to speak & teach

... time, space & support

... places to curate an exhibition

  • Meme Tactics
  • ~~> Center for Media at Risk, Philadelphia
  • ~~> Cuchifritos, NYC
  • ~~> *online* Allied Media Conference, Detroit
  • ~~> *online* Our Networks, Toronto
  • ~~> *online* Center for Book Arts, NYC
  • ... having me on your podcast

    ... funding our film

    • SFFilm
    • Chicken & Egg
    • UnionDocs
    • Sundance
    • Cinereach
    • Field of Vision
    • Film independent
    • Firelight
    • The Gotham
    • True/False
    • NYSCA
    • XTR

    πŸ“ Guides πŸ“

    🎬 Films & Videos 🎬

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